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Bridges 2011
Mijn Zometool 4-dimensionale polytopen

1. 120-cell

2. Truncated 120-cell
Afgeknotte Hecatonicosachoron

3. Rectified 120-cell
Uitgebreide Hecatonicosachoron

4. 600-cell
5. Rectified 600-cell
Icosahedrische hexacosihecatonicosachoron
6. Truncated 600-cell
Afgeknotte Hexacosichoron
7. Runcinated 120-cell
Kleine Diprismatohexacosihecatocosachoron
 8. Bitruncated 120-cell
Afgeknotte Icosahedrische hexacosihecatonicosachoron
9. Cantitruncated 120-cell
Grote Prismatohexacosihecatonicosachoron
10. Cantitruncated 600-cell
Afgeknotte Icosahedrische prismatohexacosihecatonicosachoron
11. Cantellated 120-cell
Kleine prismatohexacosihecatonicosachoron

12. Cantellated 600-cell
Verlengde Icosahedrische hexacosihecatonicosachoron
13. Runcitruncated 120-cell
Afgeknotte dodecahedrische diprismatohexacosihecatonicosachoron
Uitleg over de Runcitruncated 120 cell

14. Runcitruncated 600-cell
Rombicosidodecahedrische diprismatohexacosihecatonicosachoron
Uitleg over de Runcitruncated 600 cell

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First stellation of the 120 cell